Our products and services doesn't only limit to our customers' product choices, we also have business clientele we prepare with craftsmanship bespoke based from their preference and requests.

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Here are some of our Bespoke Works + Collaborations:



Central’s new bar for 2022, Gutshot, located at 43 Peel Street, bringing 13 carefully crafted cocktails. "Gutshot" is a special term for Texas Hold'em, which means that five cards can form a straight without one in the middle, with a spirit of risk-taking. The cocktails here have their own characteristics. Very interesting! Discover more and check out their Instagram @gutshot_hk





The "Christmas Pet Carnival" held at the Peak Galleria by the Hong Kong Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals x Dor Dor Academy x LifestyO, the pop-up  store also officially opened on the day of the event! A number of "Dor Dor Academy"'s own limited-edition boutiques have teamed up with a number of Hong Kong brands such as THE BLOMSTRE to launch a series of boutique sales. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Animals (SPCA) to support its animal welfare work.



The newest Okinawa-Inspired Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong, located in Central. A very fun and cool interior with food and drinks to get excited about! An expansion of Sake Central group's creative minds.


For them. PIZZA is an ART! They are passionate to share true Italian flavours though their gastronomic food selections, and our personal favourite, GELATO! Located at PMQ in Central, Hong Kong. 



HATCH is an innovative hospitality space. It operates as a Diner + Bodega, can be a venue for amazing culinary pop-ups and event space. They have rotating menu of delicious worldly food to indulge.



KIRI is designed for women of every age. Women deserve sustainable, high quality, and well-fitted leakproof period panties- reliable period care! It's both science and eco-conscious approach. 




SECRET WEAPON designs to empowering women to be confident with timeless up-cycled clothing from the biggest brands and signature pieces transforming it to a modern unique affordable pieces like a work of art!

For the unique scent to pair with the designer's amazing work, we have created a new scent consisting:

Top: Citrus, Sea Salt, Sage

Middle: Lavender, Plum, Cardamom

Base: Oak moss, Dark Musk, Vanilla, Amber





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