We say it's handcrafted, but really, it is lovingly-made borne from our passion.

Elevate your mood and serenade your senses with beautiful notes, unique blends, and expressing rich storytelling through scents behind each fragrance, emotions, and memories intertwined.

New Launch: The Art of Embracing You

Uniquely aside from SCENTS ━ We curatedly show-tell hand-woven Home Decors!

  • LINKO (Business Client)


    It's really an awesome collaboration!!! Can't believe that the exhibit in ASIA EXPO HK has linked us up together and come out such a fabulous crossover ♥ Can't wait for the next idea with your brand!

  • Katerina B.


    THIS IS AWESOME!!! The packaging is so beautiful 😍 thank you so much for the care and effort that went into this ☺️☺️

    Hi Jerwine, just wanted to let you know that my friends received it and they loved it so much!! Thank you again!

  • Monica M.


    Yes! I wanted to say that the [soy] candles I got as gifts to bring to Europe were a huge hit!! My friends loved them! And I’ve started burning the Capricorn one since I returned and I love it too! 🥰

  • Leezel G.

    "The Blomstre is a mood enhancer! Their sprays are wonderful on pillows, linens and curtains.

    I love how their sprays have a true scent that our rooms smells really lovely without being overpowering, definitely what I was looking for.

    Got myself a (Lujo Fragrance Sprayand purchased the (Piña Colada Fragrance Spray) for my sister and she absolutely loved it too."


    "I cannot tell you how much we are LOVING our scents (Que Sera² EO and Piña Colada EO- our bedroom literally smells like a hotel spa :)

    Excited to buy more of your products!

    I LOVE the Caballero EO scent you gave me - it's gonna be my next purchase. It smells like the A&F store 🤩🤩🤩"

  • Crystal C.

    "These candles are an absolute dream, such sleek designs!!!! I think I'm in love with (Kundiman Soy Candle) it's perfect for the bedroom, where (Mint Mojito Soy Candle) is great for the bathroom. Defo getting some 180ml ones for myself now I know which ones I like best."

  • TC

    Thank you so much! 💕💕🥰 We really do love your candles (Black Currant Absinthe,Caballero,Dusty Babe, and Lujo Soy Candles). I have made it a morning ritual, and it calms my nerves and gets me ready for work every day. 💚

  • Nicole H.

    "Enjoying this fantastic (Que Sera² Soy Candle) from The Blomstre ❤️ Smells so amazing, like I'm off somewhere in Amalfi smelling the fresh breeze 🍃 Been transported to another place 😄"

  • Claire R.

    "We burnt it (piña colada soy candle) last night and made me dream of my next tropical vacation! 😍"

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From hand crafted items to the latest collection that are hand-poured, made in small batches and uses non-toxic, natural and organic ingredients, for Soy Wax Candles, Room + Linen Fragrance Spray, Essential Oils, and variety types of diffusers to offer. 

NO Paraben, NO Phthalates, NO petroleum by-product, NO Nasties, and NO Animal Testing

Refills are welcome! Turn your old jars into freshly pour Eco-Soy Candles