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The BLOMSTRE is an eco-loving small business who cares deeply about making an abundant difference to the world. That is why we’ve launched a candle refilling system wherein client(s) can reuse their candle glass vessel.
We will be "refilling" your candle(s) in our black frosted 180ml glass at a discounted price, in exchange for your clean and empty The BLOMSTRE candle glasses.
We're encouraging you to return 2 or more of our candle vessels for every purchase of 1 refilled candle; so, then we can save a good amount of resources (Time, Transportation, and Delivery Fees).
We will have heaps of 'used' The BLOMSTRE glass candle vessels, and we will replenish a filled candle glass at a discounted rate.
Keep in mind that the candle vessels were pre-owned, impurities and slight scratches will be normal. Don't worry! We'll make sure they're 100% cleansed.