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Zodiac Soy Candles

In collaboration with QUEEN OF PENTACLES x THE BLOMSTRE ─ We wish that you see yourself among others in a space filled with light and heartfelt vibrations. Every person is unique, knowing your astrological sign is mystical and insightful on a personal level. 

We hope your Zodiac Soy Candles help you decipher a deeper reflection of yourself. Each scent is carefully curated to help you become more connected to yourself (your sun, moon, and rising stars).

As eco-friendly businesses, we offer a Candle Refill Service for our Zodiac Soy Candles.  Just get in touch with us @theblomstre or @qopofficial!


Who We Are?

Queen of Pentacles and The Blomstre met in the summer of 2021 and became fast friends due to their common ethnic backgrounds - coming from The Philippines. Despite being in different industries, they have always shared a passion for creativity and empowering their communities. They each bring a unique set of skills to the project but share the aim of celebrating individuality through senses. 

“Astrology is one of the great languages of our individual psyche’s pulsing relationship to the collective dream.”

― Caroline Casey

Queen of Pentacles: The Psychic

Cath is an award-winning psychic and wellness guru dedicated to guiding people through their life journeys - providing them with the clarity and reassurance they need in order to be the best versions of themselves. She descended from a healing lineage and has always been an enthusiast of esoteric and astrology. She has always viewed astrology as a way for people to celebrate their strengths and express their individuality. 

The Blomstre: The Candle Artisans

The Wifey + Hubby duo, Jerwine, and Aaron express rich storytelling through its selection of lovingly hand-crafted soy wax candles and unique home fragrances. Candles are made using non-toxic, natural, and organic ingredients which are all hand-poured from their humble home studio in Hong Kong.


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