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Crystal Infused Soy Candle 220ml: MUSE [THE BLOMSTRE x THE CRYSTAL VAN]

Crystal Infused Soy Candle 220ml: MUSE [THE BLOMSTRE x THE CRYSTAL VAN]

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MUSE - Lapis Lazuli & Fluorite Crystal Soy Candle

Lapis Lazuli

Authenticity. Wisdom. Artistic expression.

Chakra: Third eye & Throat

A stone of wisdom, creativity, and personal growth. This mesmerising blue stone with glittered inclusions of gold pyrite opens the mind to new ideas and possibilities.  This deeply spiritual stone encourages positive transformation - it wants you to learn the lessons from the past, free yourself from emotional baggage, heal, grow, evolve and embrace your soul’s purpose. It’ll encourage you to live authentically, unlock your inner wisdom and stimulate a desire for knowledge.  Use it to spark creativity or support artistic expression. Work with it to reveal inner truths and seek guidance. 


Focus. Concentration. Renewal. 

Chakra: All

Fluorite sharpens the mind, brings focus, and motivates you to be productive. Its protective properties clear distractions or negative influences and block EMF pollution that disrupt your energy. Fluorite activates all the chakras clearing blockages from the entire energetic body. It assists the absorption of information making it a great stone for studying or learning.  Place it on your work desk. Hold it whenever you require focus or want to spark those “aha!” moments of genius. 

Scent Profile

Top: Lemon & Ginger

Middle: Honeysuckle & Jasmine

Base: Wood & Violet

Burn Time: 50-55 hours

Candle Refill

Give new life to your old candle jars.

Refill your jars with The Blomstre!


Crafted with care using thoughtfully sourced Natural Essential Oils and USDA Fragrance Oils Formula.

Our products are formulated safely without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and Phosphates. 

Caring for both little ones and furry friends: Cruelty Free, Vegan, Kids and Pets friendly

Made in Hong Kong

Small Batches and Hand Poured by: The Blomstre Limited [a Hong Kong S.A.R. Registered Company]

Care Information

• Allow min. 2-3 hours for the candle’s first light to burn while attending to avoid memory ring.
• Only burn candles for 3-5 hours at a time.
• Keep the wick trimmed for 1/8”-1/4” before relighting
• Extinguish the flame by gently covering the lid and opening it to let the smoke exhaust, or best to use a snuffer.
• Use within 1 year after opening.

• Keep out of reach of children & pets.
• Stay away from flammable objects.
• Burn on a heat-resistant surface.
• Never leave the candle unattended.

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