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Room + Linen Spray 300ml: HARANA

Room + Linen Spray 300ml: HARANA

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Musky yet it mingles more with well-rounded floral notes from Honeysuckle and Jasmine. It smells like spring & summer season that can easily be carried all year round due to its enchanting floral scent. NOTE PROFILE Top: Lemon and Ginger Middle: Honeysuckle and Jasmine Base: Wood and Violet HIGHLIGHTS, SIZE & MATERIAL It's not just a spray, it's a mist! A new spray technique that achieves continuous spraying with just one pull of the bottle trigger. • 0.3mm diameter spray nozzle. • Ultra-fine mist of Room+Linen continuous spraying. • Discharge Rate: 1.0-1.2ml/T • High strength PET white bottle • NET WT 300 ML / 10.14 OZ SPRAY SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS / 噴霧安全說明 • Shake well before use. 使用前請搖勻。 • Spray towards the centre of the room away from your eyes / face. 朝著房間的中心噴灑,遠離眼睛/臉部。 • Keep out of reach of children & pets. 遠離兒童和寵物 • Store in a cool / dry place. 儲存在陰涼,乾燥的地方。 • Don’t spray directly onto furnishings, flames or heat sources. 請勿直接噴塗在家具,火焰或熱源上。 INGREDIENTS 100% Essential Oil, Aqua, 96% Liquid Alcohol

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